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At our Manufacturing Centre a wide selection of flexible conduits and associated glands, gland packs etc. are produced.


It's not just the conduit that is flexible, we have the facility to supply custom cut lengths and contractor packs and are constantly upgrading our conduit-making technologies to ensure our highly trained production staff can accomodate most customer requests.

We can supply the full range of flexible conduits and their associated glands, clips, locknuts and adaptors


Please contact the Sales Team for the latest prices for Steel Flexible, Steel PVC Covered, Liquid Tight, Low Fire Hazard, Nylon. Polypropylene, Pliable and Spiral conduits. We also supply a wide range of Flexible Conduit Contractor Packs.

Ronbar Flexible Conduits Catalogue
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The following table is a summary of the hundreds of flexible conduit types, sizes and accessories available. Please ring Sales for more information.




FPCC Steel PVC Covered Conduit

from 10mm to 75mm dia

FPCC Low Fire Hazard Type Conduit

from 12mm to 50mm dia

Steel-Steel /PVC Glands Fixed

from 10mm to 100mm

Steel-Steel /PVC Glands Swivel

from 12 to 50mm

Steel-Steel/PVC Glands Plain Hole

from 12 to 50mm

Nylon Conduit

from 12 to 50mm dia

Nylon Glands Straight (Quick Fit)

from 12 to 50mm

Nylon Glands 90º Elbow (Quick Fit)

from 12 to 50mm

3 Piece Glands Straight

from 12 to 50mm

Polypropylene Conduit Black

from 16 to 50mm dia

Polypropylene Data Conduit White, Red, Yellow, Blue,
  Orange and Grey

from 16mm to 50mm

Glands Black

from 12 to 50mm

Glands White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Grey

from 16mm to 50mm

Liquid Tight Conduit

from 12mm to 63mm

Liquid Tight Straight Glands

from 12mm to 63mm

Liquid Tight Angled Glands 45°

from 12mm to 63mm

Liquid Tight Elbow Glands 90º

from 12mm to 63mm

Pliable Conduit

from 16mm to 32mm

Spiral Conduit

from 16mm to 50mm

Spiral Glands

from 16mm to 50mm

P Clips

from 12mm to 75mm

U Clips for PP Conduits

from 12mm to 50mm

Brass/Nickel Locknuts

from 16mm to 100mm

PVC Locknuts

from 16mmm to 63mm

Locking Clips

From 16mm to 50mm

Draw Wire

30m lengths

Nickel Plated 90° Elbows

from 16mm to 32mm

Contractors Packs Steel/PVC

20mm and 25mm

Contractors Packs Spiral

16mm to 25mm

Contractors Packs Nylon

20mm and 25mm

Contractors Packs Liquid Tight

20mm and 25mm

Contractors Packs Polypropylene

16mm to 32mm

Thread Convertors (Brass)

PG to PG, PG to Metric, Metric to Metric

Reducers (Brass)

Metric to Metric

Adaptors (Brass)

Metric to Metric